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Waberer’s ownership reshuffled

The Hungarian trucking and logistics company Waberer’s International has published notifications received from MHB Optimum, High Yield Vagyonkezelő and Ferenc Mike (the sole owner of MHB Optimum) on changes in the number of shares held by them after the closing of the public buy-out process.


As a result of a mandatory buy-out process, on 24 November, MHB Optimum acquired more than a million shares (1,019,460 shares) in addition to the 3,715,684 shares it already owns. This originally represented a 20.99% ownership stake in the issuer. After the acquisition, the ratio of shares and voting rights in the issuer rose to 26.76%, thus exceeding the 25% threshold defined in the Capital Market Act.


High Yield Vagyonkezelő acquired more than half a million additional shares (509,730 shares), on top of the 3,538,746 shares it already owns, Its stake thus rose from 19.99% to 22.88%, thus exceeding the 20% threshold defined the Capital Market Act.


The ownership structure of Waberer's International is now as follows. Trevelin Holding owns 26%, Geraldton Invest 5%, MHB Optimum 26.76%, High Yield Vagyonkezelő 22.88%, with the free float (including treasury shares) now standing at 19.37%.


The acquisition of the shares of MHB Optimum by BDPST Equity is currently also in progress. (sh)




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