• Photo: WinGD and SHI

06.09.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 46327

WinGD and SHI to cooperate on ammonia fuel

The Swiss company WinGD and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) are partnering to explore ammonia-fuelled engines for future vessels. SHI intends to incorporate WinGD's X-DF-A dual-fuel ammonia engines into upcoming ship constructions.


The collaboration involves adapting the X-DF-A for integration with various ammonia fuel systems, applicable to oil tankers, container ships, and ammonia carriers. This aligns with WinGD's plan to deploy X-DF-A ammonia engines starting in Q1/2025. Validation tests for the ammonia-fuelled engine concept will commence later this year. (pb)




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