• Photo: Allianz pro Schiene e.V.


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Winners of women’s railway innovation prize

At the ITS World Congress in Hamburg last week, the non-profit transport grouping Allianz pro Schiene awarded the Clara Jaschke innovation prize to two rail pioneers, Irmhild Saabel of Wascosa, and Julia Kuhfuss of S-Bahn Hamburg.


In a project led by Saabel, Wascosa, a provider freight wagon systems, developed freight cars that cool perishable goods with electricity instead of diesel units. Project manager Kuhfuss launched a new system for rail operator S-Bahn Hamburg that uses light to measure passenger train occupancy more easily and accurately than the door sensors commonly deployed today.


The Clara Jaschke innovation award honours women in the rail industry who shape and advance modern mobility with inventiveness, creativity and the courage to try something new. (cj)




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