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Years too late, but in time for World Leopard Day

After a journey of almost 13,000 km, two leopards called Alda and Ginny, mother and daughter, are now finally experiencing the space, safety, and natural habitat of their forever home. On this, International Leopard Day, Born Free is proud to announce the successful translocation of the animals to its big cat sanctuary in South Africa.


Until 2017, they were being kept, along with many other animals, in terrible conditions near Poznań. At the time of confiscation, the Polish authorities gave permission for the leopards to be taken to Belgium, where Natuurhulpcentrum took care of them, but it took a number of years and hundreds of hours of hard work to secure all the correct documentation, so that plans could finally be put in place for a permanent home.


Born Free also thanks Cargolux for its expert services and for transporting the leopards free of charge from Luxembourg to Johannesburg and Bid Air Cargo for its specialist assistance and pro bono flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. (ah)




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