• ZIM improves Central American-Carribean services


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ZIM launches Americas service

The Haifa (Israel)-based carrier ZIM will launch a new Central America- Caribbean Service (CCS). The service between Mexico, Caribbean and Central America will have the following rotation: Veracruz - Altamira (Mexico) – Puerto Cortes (Honduras) - Santo Tomas (Guatemala) – Kingston (Jamaica) - Rio Haina (Dominican Republic) - San Juan (Puerto Rico) – Kingston – Veracruz.


ZIM will operate three vessels in a weekly, fixed-day service offering fast transit times from Mexico to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, connecting the East Coast of the USA and Canada with Mexico, Guatemala (and El Salvador) as well as Honduras.


The improved dedicated fixed-day service from Mexico to the Caribbean and Central America markets is scheduled to start in the second half of August. (cd)




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