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  • M & M Maroc general director Olivier Antoniotti.

26.04.2016 By: Jutta Iten

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A year of jubilees

Militzer & Münch, based in St Gallen (Switzerland), has good reason to celebrate. In addition to its branch in Morocco, which is celebra­ting its 30th anniversary, M & M France has been around for 40 years and M & M Tunisia for 20. The ITJ’s Jutta Iten interviewed Olivier Antoniotti, director general of M & M Maroc, about how his company is addressing the challenging economic environment, about the firm’s present situation and its plans for the future, and the expectations he and his team have for the Maghreb region and Morocco.


Why did M & M extend its activities to Morocco 30 years ago?

It’s true – we’re celebrating 30 years of business in Morocco! The M & M group has always been distinguished by its pioneering spirit in the field of transport and logistics. As a logical consequence we first developed lines with a partner, starting in 1986 before very quickly striking out on our own in 1992. As it turns out, the group has been vindicated in its efforts, thanks not least to the exponential economic develo­pment in the kingdom over the past few years.


What is the result, and what is your current situation?

Ever since it was established M & M has always striven to support its local organisations. We’ve invested more than EUR 12 million since 2003 in the construction of three platforms, by the way. These are Casablanca in 2003, Casablanca airport in 2012 and now a new 10,000 sqm platform in Tangier Gzenaya, which includes a 5,000 sqm covered storage area. This new facility was officially opened on 20 April, in the company of numerous distinguished guests.


What are your core activities, or rather, what contributes most to your turnover?

M & M Maroc is a high-profile global ope­rator in the logistics chain, covering ­every international transport activity on the roads, at sea, in the air; in logistics and in transit as well as customs services. The company’s groupage import and export truck transport services, with 20 connections running between European destinations and our duty-free platforms in Casablanca and Tangier every week, plays an especially prominent role in our work.


What are your strengths or in other words, why should customers come to you?

The main reason is because in us our customers have a specialist they can depend on, on account of our knowledge and market experience. An added bene­fit is our ability to find a solution for every request, whether it is in transport, logistics or transit. Ultimately, the quality and relevance of our network is critical, as it enables our customers to benefit from our door-to-door options, no matter where they’re located.


How was business last year, and what do you expect from 2016?

Despite the difficult conditions we managed to pull off a strong finish to 2015. That is to say, we were able to increase our volumes. This year has already shown signs of more dynamic growth, even though the situation remains difficult. We’re still convinced that efficient logistics activities represent a source of growth for our customers.


You’ve invested EUR 3.5 million in a new facility in Tangier. What was the ratio­nale behind the decision to build?

The economic development of the region in and around Tangier as well as in the port of Tanger Med forced us to equip our organisation with the requisite infra­structure that enables us to respond ade­quately to rising demand, not only from our Moroccan customers, but also from our international ones.


Of course, M & M Maroc hopes that this investment will contribute to us becoming a major player in the country’s northern zone. In addition, M & M ­Maroc wants to be a key part of a logistics programme that lays down new rules for a powerful logistics system in Morocco.


How do you see the Morocco’s future?

Despite the adverse environment, we remain very bullish with regard to economic development in Morocco. Moreover, our previous and current investments are a clear vote of confidence in the kingdom.



M & M Maroc

M & M Maroc was founded in 1986 and now has 100 employees on its books. The firm runs four agencies in Morocco, namely in Casablanca (with 19,000 sqm of storage), Casablanca airport (13,000 sqm), Tangier Gzenaya (10,000 sqm) and in the port of Tanger Med (42,000 sqm). M & M Maroc offers 20 weekly truck groupage services to and from Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Mulhouse, Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, Zaragoza, Irun, Porto, Milan, Istanbul, Ghent, London, Bradford and Frankfurt. It also holds an OEA class A certificate and ISO 9001, version 2008.