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Bremen restores the river Billerbeck to its natural state

As a compensatory measure, the port operator bremenports in Germany is currently attempting to return the middle and upper courses of the Billerbeck, a river near the port, to their natural state.


The company has also drawn up a special concept for the about 5 km long stretch of the Billerbeck between the railway underbridges south of Stubben and northeast of Axstedt. These plans include the comprehensive renaturation of a floodplain, which will improve the stream’s suitability as a habitat for plants and animals such as sea trout, for example.


The renaturation will create a choice of areas that could be used to counterbalance future port construction projects. The construction works will cost about EUR 1.6 million. Bremenports’ managing director Robert Howe: “Both the natural environment and the port will benefit from our plans.” (cd)




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