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08.11.2016 By: Christian Doepgen

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Give clients more time for core business

The Istanbul-based enterprise Fevzi Gandur Logistics has been offering its services in the market for more than 70 years. It initially ­focused on maritime transportation, and over the last 15 years has developed into an integrated logistics service provider. Its head Cemil Gandur spoke to us about the challenges of the future, the important of international business and intermodal transport.

Mr Gandur, what is your unique selling point vis-à-vis your competitors, and what is your vision for the future?

We want to appeal to customers who aim to make the best use of their supply chain to improve their market position. We see ourselves as a “problem-solver” for any special challenges that may arise in this context, and provide our clients with the best long-term solution. This ­approach, as well as our reliability and our transparence are what sets us apart from our competitors.


Are you pleased with business in 2016?

This year we merged several organisational divisions and housed them in one joint building. Everybody benefited from this, including our customers. This year has thus gone very well for us so far. We’ve been able to sign many important new contracts with first-class clients. Our aim is to improve our overall sales by around 35 to 50% in 2016.


How important are your international business activities for you?

Just over half of our agreements concern international transport services, contract logistics, warehousing and sales. Our international road haulage volumes have grown by approximately 30% in 2016 alone. We also transferred our airfreight unit into a separate ­division of its own, as we expect strong growth in this field.


How crucial are the fields of staff recruit­ment and training to you?

These are both core matters for us. We bring the experience that we’ve gathered in practice to bear on our recruitment processes, to ensure that we employ wor­kers that fit into the company well. Speaking about training: the experiences that our employees make are very important to us; as is feedback and truly suitable training courses. We also want our staff to enjoy their tasks, and we try to foster this by encouraging a happy and modern wor­king environment.


What part does IT play in your company?

IT plays a very central role for us. Our customers expect transparence, on the one hand; real-time tracking and tra­cing and a simple and yet comprehensive website are also key. We recently became one of the first Turkish enterprises to make use of Oracle’s transportation management software. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 27001, which regulates information security management.


How do you approach your clients?

We consider our customers to be our partners in the logistics field, and want to ensure that their supply chain is as cost-­efficient as possible and in line with their effective needs. If they­allow us to concentrate on the logistics part of their business, then they’ll have more time for their core activities.


What role does intermodal transport play in your firm?

We offer our clients the best-­possible solutions – independently of the mode of transport concerned. An intermodal option can sometimes be the best solution; but that is not always the case. However, intermodal transport is assuming an ever-­greater role, also on account of a concern for the environment, and has to be taken into account in every cost / benefit analysis. In the project management field I can tell you from my own experience that intermodal solutions are frequently the only way forward.


What are your further targets?

When Fevzi Gandur Logistics was foun­ded 70 years ago, and for a long time there­after, maritime transport was our core business. For the past 15 years we’ve operated in ­every mode of transport, and are now an integrated service provider. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions to meet our customers’ supply chains needs in future too.


What is your motto?

Our watchwords are trust, performance, training, innovation.     


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