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Logistics influencer publishes new guidebook

The global logistics network owner, entrepreneur, and award-winning executive Kristy Guo has written her new leadership book "The Joyful Leader In You. Eight Secret Steps to Create Confidence and Success In Life and Business."


Guo: "I saw there was a need for this book to come and help more people to find their missing joy, purpose, and motivation. There is a significant difference between being a ‘successful’ leader, and a truly joyful one."


Guo is the Chinese-born, Australian-based founder and CEO of Signature Global Network. She founded Signature in December 2021, which would have been a challenge even without a pandemic.


And already the first members' meeting of the global logistics network in Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning of February was testimony to what she means by "positive leadership", as mentioned in our article about the recent event. (cj)




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