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  • Bolloré now offers a new truck link between Singapore and Bangkok.

06.06.2016 By: Rüdiger Frisch

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To Bangkok by road

A new overland connection was recently established between Singapore and the Thai capital Bangkok by the Bolloré corporation. The French logistics enterprise said that the objective of the exercise is to provide customers with a door-to-door options for consignments encompassing a maximum of one container-load. The lorries depart twice a week.


The transports are expected to take about three and a half days, which corresponds to around one third of the time usually required to cover the route. ­Bolloré expects this factor to make the option a genuine alternative to air transport. Costs naturally also play a role for potential ­clients, and the company said that they would be lower for overland transport. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that Bolloré has limited the service to trade, the aviation industry and the medical sector.


The provider said that its lorries are monitored around the clock by GPS. Open­ing the doors of a container triggers the automatic taking of photos, which are sent to Bolloré’s server in real time.    




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