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13.01.2017 By: Christian Doepgen

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01-04/2017 Success via a detour


There is no longer such a thing as the best solution in the logistics industry. Every business model in our market has to be partially ­re-invented in the light of the latest challenges. Naturally, there has always been an emphasis on companies only prospering through innovation, but in practice that is not only rather far removed from reality, but really a well-worn cliché. What is called for is genuine renewal – which does not only mean investment in new IT solutions, by the way, as is frequently expounded. No, it means the genuine further development of existing business models. It does not always have to be the startup that beats the disruptive tune. Sometimes a clear thinker from one of these garage companies can indeed have an impact. It can also be an industry outside, however, who acts as the innovator. Try it. We have a new idea or two in the pipeline for 2017 too.


Apropos of clichés: Nothing is more banal at the beginning of a new year than reference to the ever-more precarious state of our world. There is nothing much that is more negative. This resigned statement carries all the insecurity with it that spoils the business mood in this age of mass psychology. In reality such a statement distorts our view of global development that may indeed be unsure (it definitely is – always has been, always will be), but which does not have to remain unfathomable to us. It is probably too much rather than a dearth of information that causes our problems today. Thanks to digitalisation we know more and more faster and faster – often far more than we might want or need to know. At least the decision concerning what information we want to allow into our lives – and what we want to make of it – is in our own hands. As a supplier of information we at the ITJ also continuously face the question of how to filter the information overdose for our readers. What is new and worth mentioning, what information that we glean from the industry players is relevant? It can be done.


Where can we reap some confidence for 2017? The economic recovery in the industrialised countries remains merely moderate, but the US economy would appear to be back on a path of long-term growth. Many an emerging economy’s growth model based on exports will only slowly be transformed into one based on domestic demand. This takes time, and our industry will have to be patient. It remains to be seen whether protectionist measures, such as those mentioned by the USA against Mexico, China and others, really are initiated and become the new parameter of international trade. Should this be the case, then these developments too will offer specialists opportunities to grow.


Bearing this in mind I – speaking here for the entire team at the ITJ – hope that the best of 2016 represents the worst of 2017.


Here’s to a good year!

Christian Doepgen




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