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05-06/2014 Where are we headed?

I hope the new year has started well for you, both in the personal and professional spheres! 2014 is still so new that we have to remain cautious about defining the trends that will characterise it. But we can already see that overcapa­cities in the airfreight industry may well lead to the abandonment of full-freighter operations by all-rounder cargo airlines. US carriers, faced by the strong integrators FedEx, DHL and UPS, turned away from freighters years ago. Now this model seems to have arrived in Europe too. IAG Cargo’s recent announcement that it would quit full-freighter operations (see page 15) was less surprising than the timing of the policy’s announcement, namely in the same breath as the presentation of a new partnership (see page 17). There was also a rumour that Air France-KLM might reduce its freighter fleet, but our inquiries in Paris did not confirm this. Lufthansa is the only other large European airline with a different course. It will continue to renew its fleet of specialised units in 2014. And in the Middle East and Asia – where the new year is only being rung in now – the clocks run differently anyway.


Even if the clocks do run differently in various parts of the world, the fact remains that time passes for everyone. A journal that is now appearing in its 75th year certainly knows all about that. Two weeks ago my colleague Antje Veregge inaugurated the ITJ’s anniversary year on this page. Today you can go on the first leg of a trip into our past with her (see page 10). Where will she take you? Three quarters of a century into the past, into the history of the ITJ and of the transport and logistics industry.


We’re introducing another innovation related to the founding country of the ITJ in this issue. On top of our rotating spotlight on the world’s countries and regions, our traditional Regional Focus in the ITJ will in future include a regular page in every issue focusing on our home market Switzerland. Of course this will not change our tried-and-tested approach. We’ll continue to cover every mode of transport from a global perspective, hopefully for another at least 75 years.

Enjoy your latest ITJ!


Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight








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