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05.02.2021 By: Andreas Haug

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It’s already time to wish you a ­happy, or at least a better, new year again – for a week after this latest issue of the ITJ lands on your desk, the festivities for the Chinese new year start, on 12 February.
Let’s just hope that the turbulent ‘Year of the Rat’ is followed by twelve months that offer our industry more peace and reliability! There are reasons to be optimistic, for the forthcoming ‘Year of the Ox’ (metal) will see those advance, who strive for their goal with patience, perseverance and consistent commitment. Asian matters are addressed in every section of this issue of the ITJ.


The articles in our Italy Special, a section that I’d like to draw your particular attention to, start on page 19. It shows how ­busily trade and industry are developing again in Switzerland’s southern neighbouring country – in the face of a plethora of anti-pandemic measures.


Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight




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