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It’s that time of the year again, with ­annual reports landing in our inboxes fast and heavy; the first ones for last year have already come in. Ports including Barcelona, Marseille (page 9), Haropa (page 10) and Gdansk (page 22) have started the show, with the Contship Group (page 11) not lagging far behind. Logistics firms such C.H. Robinson and UPS (page 19) have also delivered.


Allow me to pick out two annual results (almost) at random; they reflect differing developments in the railway sector perfectly. Whilst a long upsurge for US railfreight operators appears to have come to an end of sorts in 2016 (page 20), Hupac in Europe will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year safe in the knowledge that it has just reported a further rise in its transport volume, bringing it above the pre-depression level.


When new heads of state or government assume office, then the media frequently gives them the “traditional” 100 days to “prove themselves.” Things would appear to be quite different for the new US president, however. He has already caused quite a stir with a number of decrees in the first 10 days in office.


The transport and logistics industry is also affected by these decisions – for example those concerning car factories in Mexico. Heavy import and export traffic across the US-Mexican border may be due some sea change (see also our Intermodal section on page 20).


I wonder what other surprising ­developments the immediate future holds! Yours,


Rüdiger Frisch




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