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08.02.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

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07-08/2019 The merits of talking

Albert Camus believed that “talking is the only bridge between people.” We don’t know ­whether the Chinese and US governments are familiar with the French writers’s work – but at the end of January the two countries nevertheless resumed talks to end their trade war. The  parties’ ­December moratorium on this matter ends on 2 March, by when a new agreement has to be reached. If it isn’t, then US president Donald Trump plans to raise tariffs on Chinese imports from 10 to 25%. China has signalled a willingness to compromise and provide better protection for foreign companies. The question is whether the US administration will be satisfied with this.


The EU, in turn, has made it clear that it does not see the need for further dialogue with the UK. Parliament in London may have mandated prime minister Theresa May to conduct further discussions with the EU – but it takes two to negotiate. A hard Brexit is ever more likely. The country’s logisticians are attempting the nigh-on impossible – that is, to prepare for the unknown. You can read about the mood in the industry on page 16.


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