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09-10 2018

We’re living in a golden age. This impression becomes all the stronger if we study the business results of some of the major logistics enterprises. Talk therein is of “record years”, “exceeded targets“, and “strong performances”. A similarly euphoric mood was last observed ten years ago, when a certain Barack Obama stood to become the next president of the USA.


Logistics companies’ satisfaction is justified. The figures are good, no matter which continent, no matter which mode of transport we look at. There are exceptions, of course – there always will be – but the big picture is largely positive.


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the situation, but there is a danger of becoming detached from the ground reality. Declining punctuality in the maritime shipping industry (see page 9) or a nonchalant attitude towards the challenges arising from a lack of ­experts available in the market, or digitalisation, can easily rebound on you. A golden era should not only be cause for celebration, but also for forward-looking action. So that next year’s results are as satisfying.


Marco Wölfli




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