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21.02.2020 By: Marco Wölfli

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Agility’s Emerging Markets Logistics Index is usually able to provide you with a good overview of the dynamics in emerging markets and the state of global logistics. The latest edition of the index has largely fulfilled this expectation; it doesn’t provide a uniform picture, however. The majority of the more than 700 logisticians questioned is afraid that the industry may slip into recession in the course of this year. Simultaneously, most indicators ana­lysing emerging markets are largely positive. This also applies to China at the top of the rankings, even though the full impact of the ‘Wuhan corona­virus’ remains the great unknown in the equation.

This discrepancy between feelings and reality is striking. A bit more opti­mism from some logisticians would not be amiss – even in the face of today’s rather challenging conditions. One way to attain this may be to lift your eyes beyond the European or North American perspective. It’s easy to learn what optimism and positive dynamism look like by observing some African or Southeast Asian countries.

Marco Wölfli




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