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11-12/2020 Viral and virtual


These days, when anyone says virus, we think first of all of those tiny infectious biological agents that can cause disease in living beings, and not of those self-reproducing computer programmes that provoke system failure or steal personal information. Of course the ITJ also addresses the ­massive ­impact the global health crisis is having on the transport and logistics industry in ­several articles in this issue.



But please allow me to return to a (safe) virtual world for a moment. It’s no secret that every link in the supply chain is digital today – a fact that will be at the heart of two events at which this issue of the ITJ will play a prominent role. One is Iata’s World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul (10 – 12 March), where digital meetings will mix easily with the real face-to-face encounters that I’m banking on, and then at Sitl, the transport and logistics industry’s annual trade event in the French capital Paris, for which a new date had not yet been set when this issue of the ITJ went to press. Originally, Sitl stood for Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique, but in 2019 the “I” was transformed into ­Innovation. This offers us a great opportunity to present the added innovative ­services that the ITJ offers you as a modern publication. Dive into the digital world of AR and VR with us, wearing our smart data goggles. Our IT experts and sales team will help you to explore new advertising continents.


You may already have come across another new format in recent issues of the ITJ – our pink “Print+” emblem. If you’d like to see what’s behind it, simply download the ITJ app first and then scan the cover (or any other) page with the “P+”. Here’s to your enjoyable read – and viewing! – of this fortnight’s issue.


Andreas Haug




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