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It seems to me that space and time have somehow become simultaneously stretchable and constricting parameters in the pandemic. Closed borders, social distancing and quarantines all restrict the radius of our movements. An end to the measures to combat Covid-19 is only coming into view ever so slowly.


Movement opens up horizons – also of the past. Take Ferdinand ­Magellan, the initiator of the first historically documented circumnavigation of the Earth. In March 1521, half a millennium ago, he landed on an island in today’s Phili­ppines, where he met a violent end. Today collaboration between Asians and Europeans is so close that there is even a lack of shipping space to handle the massive exchange of goods between the two continents.


This issue takes you on a trip to Asia (from page 24 onwards), handles large and heavy consignments (from page 19) and gives hope (page 6).

I hope our stories inspire you to go for it too, and that you can plan your next trip again soon!
Enjoy your read!


Andreas Haug





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