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19.03.2021 By: Christian Doepgen

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13-14 /2021


As the outbreak of Covid-19 slowly – slowly! – comes to an end and 2021 is now fully up and running the general motto has to be to look to the future.


Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo of Qatar Airways, gave us a good taste of what’s to come in an interview with airfreight editor Andreas Haug. Notwithstanding all of the projects and initiatives now 2020, which was all about surviving and remaining agile for Halleux, has to take a back seat to adjustments for the future.


4flow’s Felix Kämmerer and Shippeo’s Thomas Spieker took up the same cudgels in their recent webinar, in which they presented some practical examples of how forwarders can make the best of data-based schedule planning and capacity utilisation, which will also benefit shippers and retailers. It’s always a good idea to optimise procedures and cut costs. The same principle applies here – look to the future, it’s more promising than a headless move or stagnation.


Action is of the essence. As the Roman educator Quintilian said, “practice without theory still offers more than theory without practice.” Here’s to your dynamic and enjoyable read!




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