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13-14/2013 Looking for new ways

ITJ issue 13-14 with Latin America and Iberia Special

Dear readers,

All roads lead to Rome, as the saying has it – but the winner of Italy’s recent elections, Pier Luigi Bersani, is still wondering what road will lead him and his centre-left alliance to the formation of a new government. Local observers believe that the lack of a parliamentary majority after the recent elections could mean that the politicians have a long Via Crucis, the way of the cross, ahead of them.

This process is more of a sideshow at the moment, however, for Europe’s attention is currently focused on a drama unfolding far to the southeast of the eternal city. It wasn’t clear yet when this edition of the ITJ went to press what form the rescue package for Cyprus, agreed by the EU and the Cypriot government, would take. Some of the measures envisaged so far had previously seemed utterly inconceivable for citizens of the EU. Some experts believe that there is a long Via Dolorosa, the way of sorrows, ahead for the Mediterranean island. Others see Cyprus as rather going the South American way. Some Latin American economies have already experienced «o confisco», the confiscation of assets.

Subsequent developments in these countries have varied. Take a close look at the situation in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula today, and at the transport and logistics industry there in particular, in our Special supplement to this issue.

We hope that the election of Pope Francis – marking the first time that a Latin American has lead the way for the Roman-Catholic church – sends a positive signal to the other prospective leader in Rome.

Antje Veregge
Head of shipping & ports



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