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03.04.2020 By: Andreas Haug

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Welcome to aviation’s year of ‘only-freighters’! ‘Thanks’ to the outbreak of Covid-19 a new chapter was written in the history of aviation in the days just before the new timetable was implemented on the last weekend in March. In said chapter you can read about how passenger services returned  – at least quantitatively – to the dawn of the jet age, but most maindeck capa­cities have been maintained or will even be augmented, where possible. And after the first shock more passenger aeroplanes are taking off again – without passengers, but with belly-holds filled to the brim.

The Covid-19 outbreak is the omni­present issue worldwide today, with its enormous impact on every economy and on trade, and thus in a big way also on the transport and logistics industry. Of course we have dealt with it in detail on the following pages.

But it’s not the only issue. You can rely on the ITJ to supply you with balanced and meticulously researched reports from all parts of the industry, as usual.

Stay with the ITJ – and above all,
stay healthy!




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