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There’s a thing about innovation, isn’t there? What frequently makes it ­simply brilliant, is the fact that it is often ­brilliantly simple – at least in theory. Practical implementation, however, sometimes turns out to be extremely complicated. Here’s just one example.


In the run-up to the Multimodal trade fair in Birmingham (England), for which we’ve added a special focus on the UK and Ireland in this issue, I once again remembered one of the trail­blazers for the industrial revolution – Edmund Cartwright, born 275 years ago on 24 April 1743. He designed the first power loom, one of the keys to the future Industrial Revolution – but not a great success for his business interests. His contribution to industrial­isation also had to overcome resistance from labour traditionalists.


Freight cannot put up resistance. I for one would like to give a chance to a ­patent registered by Airbus, which envi­sages aircraft’s belly-holds being made usable for passengers too.


Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight




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