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The highly-anticipated first quarter of 2019 has passed and we now know – not a great deal more... The cooling down of the global economy – observed from all sectors – has so far only had a partial impact on the volumes of goods transported. Many analysts believe that this does not portend a recession, but rather the simple return the normal days of potential growth.



So we actually need to add more observed facts to the equation to garner a better impression of how the transport and logistics industry is doing today. One ideal place to do so is at the various trade fairs and conferences, focusing on the side shows and the niches rather than the grand stage.



There’s a plethora about, including the just-concluded Intermodal Latin America in São Paulo, Sitl in Paris, Trans­Russia in Moscow. Forth­coming meetings include the well-known Breakbulk Europe in Bremen, Expo Carga in Mexico City, Transport Logistic in Munich, and interesting niche markets such as Logismed in Casablanca.



We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for you!


Christian Doepgen




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