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News from the international world of logistics that hasn’t been contaminated by the virus? Such a beast still exists, believe it or not!


The arrival of a golden bridge recently on the largest ship ever to call at Stockholm, for example, caused quite a stir recently in the Swedish capital. Then preparations are also going on in the Alsatian village of Lauterbourg, on the French bank of the Rhine, to start operations in a new inland shipping terminal. My last example here concerns an Australian company improving the options to measure road transport’s CO2 emissions.


This is but a small selection of stories you can read in this issue – but it impressively shows the logistics industry’s resilience even in the face of today’s global turbulence.


These performances make us feel optimistic that the world’s logistics enterprises will resume their dynamism and rediscover their old strengths once the economy returns to normal.


Here’s to your enjoyable read!

Marco Wölfli




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