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19-20/2017 Crunch or payback?

How on earth are we going to digest this good news? After a long, long time of getting used to bad economic and transport and logistics industry news, we’re now being forced to look on the bright side of life. The International Monetary Fund has revised its growth predictions for this year upwards. And it gets better. 3.5% growth in 2017 is expected to be followed by a 3.6% augmentation in 2018. In the light of the trend towards recovery in trade and industry this development can only be good news for our sector – can’t it?


The capacities the major shipping lines offer on the trade from Europe to Asia have not been able to meet demand for many weeks already, and the situation is not expected to change substantially before June. Whilst we’re happy to report that the rates and margins are recovering again, shippers and forwarders are facing waits of several weeks to get their goods shipped on these routes. Cautionary voices from associations such as Clecat and Fiata have pointed out that existing contracts have to be honoured and adequate capacities have to be provided. It’s time for players in the supply chain find the common ground and the best possible solution to the latest bottleneck.


There’s a great opportunity to meet up for a frank exchange of views coming up. We from the ITJ will also be amongst the 2,160 exhibitors at the Transport Logistic 2017 industry gathering in Munich. Don’t miss us – come round to see us at our stand between 9 and 12 May. Otherwise our squad of ten people at the trade fair is bound to come across you somewhere or the other.


We’d once again like to offer you, as a fan of ball games, something new at our traditional place in the fair, at stand 200 in hall A5. In the old Scotch tradition we’d like to wish you a clear line of vision and a sure hand. As Gerald Ford once said: “I know I am getting better – I’m hitting fewer spectators.”


Enjoy your read!



Christian Doepgen




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