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30.04.2020 By: Andreas Haug

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There’s no end to the repercussions from the outbreak of Covid-19!

The virus hals also left its extensive mark on this isssue of the ITJ. The overall impact on global supply chains of the wide-ranging reactions to the outbreak of Covid-19 can’t be assessed in any way yet – with the long-term ramifications hardly able to be gauged ­either. The railways are feeling the fallout (page 17), as is the road haulage industry (page 16), the warehousing segment (page 15), aviation (page 14) and shipping (page 8). Everyone needs to remain agile. Reduced capacities today have to be used as efficiently as possible; the resumption of industrial production anticipated effectively.

By the way – those companies that have taken out ads in the ITJ in these difficult times help us to continue to do our job – providing you, our readers, with watertight facts that can substantially infuence the successful course of your business.

Our thanks go out to you – combined with a request. Take our adver­tisers into account when you’re making your next commercial decision!

Andreas Haug





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