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Dear readers,


It would have been my pleasure to tell you all about the latest airfreight industry trends that are discussed at the Air Cargo Europe trade fair every two years. As you know, the meeting didn’t take place physically in Munich this year, however. In our next issue we’ll report on what was talked about, analysed and concluded in Transport Logistics 2021’s virtual conferences early in May.You probably can’t cross borders by air these days – but the good news is, that the airfreight segment reported the best month of its history in March. According to Iata global demand grew by 4.4% – vis-à-vis March 2019, not 2020! “The downturn has shown,” said Willie Walsh, “that the airfreight industry can manage basic challenges by rapidly embracing innovation.” We’re happy about the new Iata director general’s positive sentiments; in the past the global body tended to rather neglect the sector.We can look to the future with optimism!


Andreas Haug
Airfreight editor




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