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27-30 2018

Building bridges between nations is frequently at the top of the inter­national agenda – especially so these days, during the football World Cup. This is well-trodden ground for us logi­sticians, of course. In the best of times it has often been our role – as well as that of many other players in the international ­supply chain – to establish and intensify connections between people, and thus understanding between peoples.


Our industry retains a key role when it comes to building figurative as well as physical bridges, with efforts to optimise transport including the construction of huge edifices such as tunnels and bridges. One such project in the port of Hamburg is on the drawing board, for example, and bridges will continue to connect us through the ages.


As will vehicles. At the recent Deliver congress in ­London, industry representatives discussed modern techno­logies that will enable the deployment of auto­nomous, quieter and more environment-­friendly vehicles (see page 8). These digitalised transport bridges can improve ­people’s quality of life, which in turn can contribute to increased understanding between peoples.


Here’s to the bridges of the future!


Jutta Iten




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