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27-30/2014 A journey through time

It’s not easy to heed the oft-made call to look beyond one’s everyday horizon. The immediate challenges facing us in the logistics industry are so substantial that we (have to) remain in full thrall to our daily business duties. Nevertheless, the day inevitably comes when we raise our awareness beyond these confines. We can be prompted by a momentous occasion to do so – such as our celebration today of the first-ever publication of the ITJ – 75 years ago!


To commemorate the ITJ’s special anniversary we’ve prepared an unusual 25-page section for you. The celebration, entitled «Past, Present and Future», includes observations derived from gazing into the crystal ball. We try to answer the mother of all questions: What will the industry look like tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow? Where will global economic trends, or the business policies of shippers and manufacturers, lead us? Will the commercial epicentre really continue to shift towards emerging economies? What will shipping lines, forwarders, airlines and logisticians have to be prepared to face in the coming decades?

This issue also contains a look back at the 75-year history of our publication. Of course you’ll also find all of the ITJ’s well-known strengths in this edition – with the usual reports on every mode of transport from all around the world, the international comings and goings of people in the industry’s millions of companies, comments and our well-loved last page and its «Time for Reflection».


The ITJ’s tradition is a key factor motivating us to continue to offer you, our readers, subscribers and advertisers, our best possible coverage of global transport activities on water, on land and in the air. We have to continue to deserve your trust, and would like to thank you for your support – which you have offered for many decades, in some cases.


We were particularly pleased about the many congratulatory messages that we received from the industry’s movers and shakers (see pages 47-54). None of us will be around anymore in 75 years to celebrate the ITJ’s 150th anniversary, but we nevertheless call out to all our loyal friends –
ad multos annos!


Christian Doepgen





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