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12.07.2019 By: Christian Doepgen

Artikel Nummer: 28257

27-30/2019 To many more years!



I have to admit that the 80 years since the first edition of the ITJ came hot of the presses in Basel on 15 July 1939 makes me a little dizzy. Of course, I’m also proud of the manner it which the ITJ has wended its way onto the desks of our industry’s movers and shakers over the years – be they shippers, forwarders, logisticians, maritime, airfreight or railfreight operators, or any other role. I’ve only been on board for a dinky 17 years, so I decided the best way to honour our history is to ask those colleagues who have formed the journal since the 1960s what has changed over the years – or stayed the same.



First and foremost our gratitude for attaining this ripe old age goes to you, our dear readers, subscribers and customers, with many of you already having accompanied us for decades and made the international trade journal ITJ possible in the first place. My heartfelt thanks to you all – we’ll stay on the ball for you!



Besides the usual editorial suspects and regional pages in one of our three ­languages you’ll come across the launch of our new ‘Science for Practice’ series in this issue. In it Curdin Bapst looks into the potential of a hybrid-electric aircraft. His thesis was accepted by supervisors Dr Peter Wild, Dr Jürg Wildi and Dr Marc Immer at Switzerland’s renowned Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). Don’t be put off – he’s just talking about efficiency, technological progress and variety.



We hope you’re enjoying our anniversary issue at the beach or in the outback. Here’s to us all enjoying a great summer.


Cordially yours,


Christian Doepgen




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