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27-30/2021 Business and football


The ball is rolling again. We’re still wondering how Switzerland managed to kick the top favourite, World Champion France, out of the European Championship. Looking beyond football for a moment we can ascertain that Switzerland seems to have come through the outbreak of Covid-19 better than most of its neighbours, inclu­ding Austria (see page 26). ITJ editor-in-chief Christian Doepgen was on site in the Alpine republic in June, encountering Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg’s vibrant logistics industries. He returned with enough material for a Special covering several pages in this issue. A second Special focuses on Malta (page 38 onwards). The island nation has a lot more logistics potential to offer than fulfilling tourists dreams of sun, sand and nothing to do.


The same can be said about most of the countries that feature in our Iberia & Latin America Special supplement. Spain, Portugal and the nations of Latin America are still struggling with the pandemic. It remains doubtful whether the Intermodal South America trade fair, postponed from spring to 1 – 3 September, can take place at all in São Paulo. At least the Copa América – to return briefly to football – was staged in Brazil recently. We’re ready, in any case and have – as we always do for the fair – produced a Portuguese and a Spanish version of the Special for you.


That should see you through the summer.


Have a good rest and stay healthy! Yours,

Andreas Haug




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