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16.08.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

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Vehicles, machine parts, textiles – they all rank amongst Turkey’s largest export sectors. The country, which is becoming an ever more important manufacturing centre, is continuing to invest in its logistics infrastructure, as our Special shows (from page 20). The nation’s economic development has to regularly ­battle economic setbacks. Its heavily fluctuating foreign exchange rates and domestic political instability sometimes prompt foreign investors to be more cautious than may strictly speaking be necessary.



The British forwarder Davies Turner recently renewed its commitment to Turkey. Perhaps the government of the UK is set to follow suit. Should prime minister Boris Johnson complete Brexit as promised this autumn, then the UK will be the heavyweight at the EU’s northwestern border – a role Turkey currently fulfils to the southeast of the union.



British ports are expected to play a key role post-Brexit, as our correspondent Olga Jaques reports ‘In Focus’ on page 6. There would appear to be some potential for free-trade zones in free ports in the UK.






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