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In ‘normal’ years, the time when the summer holidays slowly come to an end across Europe is also the time when the logistics industry returns to speed. As we don’t really live in normal times these days, however, the situation is now rather complex. Optimism in Asia is reflected in our Special – from page 15. In Europe the circumstances are more fragile. The logistics world has shown some signs of recovery, but this is accompanied by a constant fear of a renewed economic plunge.



Another unsatisfactory point is that personal encounters remain a rarity in the global logistics industry. We’re thus more than happy to report on an exception. The Swiss airfreight segment’s ‘Air Cargo Day’ is set to take place in Lucerne on 26 August. We’ve got a sneak preview for you in the form of an interview with interest group president Peter Somaglia (page 10). Of course the ITJ will attend the event and report on all of its salient points.



Marco Wölfli




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