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24.08.2018 By: Andreas Haug

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35-36/2018 Refreshed and ready!

Well who would’ve thought! The EU’s top ice cream manufacturer in 2017 was Germany, which made 517 million l. Most people’s expected leader – Italy – came second with 511 million l, with France and its 466 million l and Spain and its 320 million l following. Germany’s ice cream trade balance confirmed the country’s reputation as the export world champion, as it shipped 153,000 t of ice cream worth EUR 398 million abroad, and imported 135,000 t worth EUR 326 million.


As long as it is not delivered by pipeline (yet), road haulage accounts for the largest chunk of the trade in ice cream, which at least cooled us down a bit temporarily during this summer’s heat wave. Another issue has become the hot topic of debate of late, just as your memories of holiday traffic jams are fresh in your mind and forwarders are welcoming forwarding apprentices to their new careers. It is the fact that there is a lack of 45,000 truck drivers in Germany, with only 16,000 graduates completing the apprenticeship every year. Once these drivers are on the road, then they also need breaks, to increase road safety. And there’s another problem already, as there’s a lack of lay-bys, with 2,300 missing in the German state of Baden-Württemberg alone. The dramatic repercussions of inadequately maintained road infrastructure were illustrated in a depressing way by the collapse of the Morandi viaduct in Genoa (Italy) on 14 August.


Did you notice? We refreshed our ITJ Daily in the summer break. Let us know what you think! Your positive reactions so far are encouraging – thanks! We’ll continue to make sure that you catch the most important trends in the ­transport and logistics industry.


We’re already gearing up for our 80th anniversary in 2019, which we’re looking forward to celebrating with you!


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Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight




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