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06.09.2019 By: Andreas Haug

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I hope you’re relaxed and rejuvenated after your summer holi­days. You may not have been able to cut all ties to everyday business in your leisure time – even if it was only to solve the cryptic crossword in our anniversary issue 27-30. You’ll find the solution and prize winners in our next issue 39-40, due out on 20 September.


There’s more news concerning past issues and future activities. In our July issue, which celebrated the 80th anni­versary of the publication of the first-ever issue of the ITJ, we printed a demanding technical article addressing a key future development in the aviation industry. It concerned an analysis of a hybrid-electric version of the Do 228, and it apparently had its finger on the pulse of the era.


At the first German aviation conference the country’s aviation and space flight centre announced that it is set to use the same aeroplane to carry out research into air transport with reduced CO2 emissions. At the same time an announcement was released that from 2024 onwards Germany is set to make a comeback as a manufacturer of the Do 328, which will later also operate as a hybrid aeroplane.


Andreas Haug
Managing editor




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