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37-38/2013 Voting is power

Our Germany Special may only be due in ITJ 41-42/2013, but to mark the national elections to the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament, on 22 September, it is worth taking a look at the country at the heart of Europe which is frequently awarded the unofficial title of «logistics world champion». In the weeks leading up to the election the predictions were still rather uncertain – less the predictions concerning the results of the election,  but rather those addressing the performance of the national economy.


One poll commissioned by the German chambers of trade and industry in August found out that the country’s exporters would lose world trade market shares in 2013 – and yet still manage to climb back to the position of second-largest exporter worldwide, behind China but once again ahead of the USA. Three weeks later the national statistical office surprised the public with a  tatement that German exports had declined by 1.1% in July vis-à-vis June – even though the economists had previously predicted a 0.7% improvement. At the same time the transport ministry published a «sliding medium-term projection for freight transport», which predicts excellent growth for the entire cargo transport sector in 2014, namely a volume improvement of just under 2% and a performance increase of a little less than 3%. We’ll see. We’ll only know who will hold the reins in the chancellor’s office and in the transport ministry for the next four years on election night – or in the subsequent days. But the news will certainly be on the table in time for the publication of our Germany Special on 11 October.


Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight



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