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20.09.2019 By: Christian Doepgen

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39-40/2019 The star of Africa



The general coverage of Africa, a continent of many facets, has become more subdued again of late. Wrongly so, I believe, because there’s more to hear about Africa than the much-talked-about potential of its many middle-class consumers and their growing purchasing power – even if the major breakthrough has still not materialised. In the run up to the Fiata World Congress 2019, which is taking place in Cape Town and will shine our industry’s spotlight on the continent early in October, we’ve addressed topics from the region in this issue. Readers interested in Africa can peruse articles on the varied developments there, with the range including spectacular heavylift transports in West and South Africa (see for example page 17 of our Breakbulk / Heavylift Special), new flights from the Cape to the USA, the development of the South African port of Durban with a view to traffic to and from neighbouring Mozambique, and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). Africa’s full of surprises – enjoy your read!


Christian Doepgen




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