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41-42/2013 A change of course

There is much commotion in politics at the moment: after the Democrats and Republicans in the United States failed to come to an agreement on the way forward for the new fiscal year of the national budget, which began on 1 October, the White House ordered a shutdown of its administration for the first time in 17 years. What is more, a further challenge is appearing on the horizon: if the US Congress fails to approve raising the statutory debt ceiling by mid-October, there is a risk of the world’s largest economy becoming insolvent.

Meanwhile, in Europe Italy’s prime minister Letta was forced to face a vote of confidence; the country’s government was again finding itself in a crisis. Slightly less dramatic, but by no means less moving, are the circumstances in Norway, Austria and Germany after the recent elections. While the oil-rich northern light and the Alpine country have both moved to the right, Germany’s government will continue as usual for the time being, including the parties that have been voted out, until a new coalition has been formed. What the government may eventually look like is anybody’s guess. This means that it remains unclear what direction Europe’s powerhouse will take in the next legislative period.

Our Germany Special from page 36 of this issue reports on a change of course in the shipping industry of the country as well as other developments in the transport and logistics sectors.

We at the ITJ, however, are sticking to our course and wish you a pleasant read as usual.

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