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41-42/2018 Prices on fire


This latest issue of the ITJ focuses on Germany. The European transport and logistics industry heavyweight is also the old and new logistics world champion, thanks amongst other things to robust domestic demand and strong exports. The industry’s major national meeting, the German Logistics Congress, is taking place from 17 – 19 October. Though the overall mood there may not be quite as euphoric as it was at last year’s meeting, it is nevertheless expected to be quite buoyant, despite the fact that a certain slow-down in growth in all sectors has been looming for a few months now. No reason to panic, but cause to remain alert.


In the meantime, long-term positive developments have also resulted in higher prices for customers using logistics providers’ services (see page 25). These price increases are basically justifiable; cargo space is scarce, after all, and demand is high. Investment in staff is also necessary. There is nevertheless a certain risk inherent in across-the-board rises, should demand for cargo space in containers and lorries suddenly decline again. A business world that rewards stagnation instead of the bold would not be a desirable one, however.


Marco Wölfli




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