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03.11.2017 By: Andreas Haug

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45-46/2017 Fiji is everywhere


The 23rd UN Climate Change Conference is set to take place in Bonn (Germany) soon, starting just after this issue of the ITJ hits the newsstands, and closing again on 17 November, the publication day of the next edition of the ITJ. Fiji will be chairing the meeting, but it decided to shift the venue from the South Pacific to the seat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn – for logistical reasons. In my opinion the decision makes complete sense. It offers companies that are on the ball an opportunity to present the conference with their climate-neutral dispatch and logistics solutions. Thus DHL – the meeting’s official partner – is deploying an especially aerodynamic lorry to haul Fijian exhibits from London to the meeting.


The same cannot be said of the bottled water ‘Fiji’, imported into Switzerland from the Pacific. Switzerland’s Alpine Initiative, set up in 1994 to protect the Alps from excessive truck transport, recently awarded the Zurich-based company Trivarga its ‘devil’s stone’ for pointless transports. The firm is in charge of the absurd import of the trendy tropical drink ‘Fiji’, which causes about 12,000 times more CO2 than the same amount of tap water. The association also presented its ‘mountain crystal’ award for exemplary approaches to transport issues to a project run by the Swiss city of Lausanne. It ensure that 70% of all food used in its canteens, day-care centres and schools originates from no more than 70 km away.



To your health! I hope this ITJ is easy for you to digest!


Andreas Haug

Head of airfreight




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