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16.11.2018 By: Christian Doepgen

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47-48/2018 Media reality and objectivity


If I’ve been reading the mass media properly, then we’re once again standing right at the abyss. Looming and ongoing trade wars, turbulent stock exchanges, volatile fuel prices; the headlines are dominated by bad news. But don’t forget – I said is was talking about the mass media. Trade journals such as ours – keeping our ears pinned very close to the ground realities shaping our industry – sometimes have a slightly different take on matters, occasionally even an exactly opposite picture. I would call it the contrast between media reality and objectivity.


Our impression of the state Italy is in, for example, which everyone is talking about these days, does not agree with the criticism we hear from the political arena. No matter what the perception is in high political circles, companies’ operational realities on the ground are seeing great things happening. In our Italy Special supplement, also published in Italian, you can read a lot about intermodal activities. Freight trains operating in high-speed railway networks, the intermodal shift from trucks to the railways, railfreight links for overland connections and Asian maritime goods flows from southern to northern Italy and beyond – the list of innovations is long. As a team we’re not worried that Europe’s ‘southern gateway’ may be about to fall by the wayside.


Italy may currently be something of a hidden champion, according to the media; the same can certainly be said of logistics in Liechtenstein. We’ve spoken to many of the key players in the ‘Ländle’ – in time for the 300th anniversary in 2019 of the 160 sqkm principality, whose economic potency allows the conclusion – there’s quite something afoot in the tiny state!


At least we don’t have to conduct an educational push concerning our Africa Special, for the region’s potential is already well-known – and justified, as you’ll read in this issue.


Enjoy your read! Cordially yours,



Christian Doepgen




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