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20.11.2020 By: Christian Doepgen

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Something isn’t only rotten in the state of Denmark, as is ascertained in William Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet‘. Something’s rotten in every state. Measures to contain the impact of Covid-19 have once again spread across almost every industry like mildew, not sparing the transport and logistics sector either. This is a fact we all have to work with.The long-term effects on the econo­my are highly differentiated, however. It’s not only ‘obvious’ segments – such as the health sector, information techno- logy and e-commerce platforms – that can make gains. Many banks are bene­fiting too – and yes, so too are major shipping lines. The vale of tears is once again clearly delimited.There’s one thing that’s unlimited, however – independent of quarantines and lockdowns. You can order reading material from a local supplier in your region (most of them deliver too) and enjoy a good read. Enjoy your read(s)!




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