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49-52/2015 Change welcome!

There are words of wisdom that can sometimes be rather irritating. One of these is the sentence «nothing is more constant than change». It is so tiring precisely because it always stays true. The question remains whether we should allow ourselves to be inundated by change, or whether we should perhaps try to initiate it ourselves.


According to a survey conducted by the Karlsruhe-based German transport industry consultancy HWH this year, 40% of the 200 SMEs questioned only offer standard services; 48% cannot parti­cipate in new invitations to tender on account of a lack of capacities; and for 69% of the firms there is no customer contact that lasts longer than a year. Just under one third of the firms actively seeks new clients; all the others just look after existing customers. The short summary that HWH partner Paul Wittenbrink gave the ITJ: «Sales by coincidence.» Change may thus be very welcome.


The words quoted in the opening sentence apply to the ITJ too: I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be welcoming a new face in our offices in January 2016. Rüdiger Frisch, a journalist with many years of experience in the inter­national finance field, amongst others, is joining our editorial team. He’ll look after our Forwarding & Logistics section. We wish him all the best in a fascinating segment!


At the same time we regret to announce that our ­esteemed colleague Antje Veregge is leaving our editorial team at the end of the year. Her untiring commitment to the ITJ will remain in our memory. Thank you, Antje! After a few years with us she’s changing sides – as many ambitious journalists do. In her case it means moving back to the shipping industry in Hamburg, whence she came. I’ll take charge of reports on events in the shipping, ports and terminals segment myself. There’s no dearth of interesting subjects to cover in the sector, as witnessed again during my recent trip to Marseille.


Here’s to your enjoyment of the last edition of the year of the ITJ! I hope you like the supplement in this issue too – our traditional little ­Christmas ­present, a map of planet earth that takes you «all around the world».


Merry Christmas and a good start to 2016!

Christian Doepgen
Editor-in-chief / Publishing director



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