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08.12.2017 By: Andreas Haug

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49-52/2017 For and with you

An eventful logistics year is coming to an end, and I hope that most of the things you wished for a year ago have come true! As your ITJ editor covering the airfreight sector, above all, I’ve been highly delighted by the industry’s impressive growth for almost the entire year. Not many observers expected such a performance. Iata has chosen 6 December, Saint Nicholas’ Day, to inform media representatives from all over the world of its assessment of 2017, and what it expects for the next twelve months. The Geneva meeting took place a day after our final editorial deadline of the year, but you can rest assured that we’ll remain on the ball for you from Switzerland in 2018 too – and I’m only margi­nally referring to next summer’s football World Cup.


What else does next year hold in store? Perhaps the politicians in Germany will succeed in forming a new government; negoti­ators from this and the other side of the English Channel might reach consensus on the modalities for the Brexit; the truly powerful of planet earth’s inhabitants – besides those who believe to be so – may be inspired by the centenary of the end of the First World War on 11 November to work for peace.


Whatever the year brings, we’ll report on the important events for our industry, as well as on what is directly relevant to you and your business. We’re looking forward to many special encounters in the course of these twelve months – for example with the Italian logistics provider Codo­gnotto’s Andrea Condotta (inset), who climbed Mount Sinai in the south of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula recently – taking the ITJ along as his holiday reading.


Some examples of the personal rendezvous we’ll continue with include ITJ editor-in-chief Christian Doepgen’s recent interview with the ­Malaysian transport minister Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai (see page 28), my colleague Marco ­Wölfli’s meeting with businessmen in Tangier (see page 13), and my own with key US players (see page 7). We’ve already made fat entries in our 2018 diaries to attend events in Interlaken, Berlin, São Paulo, Paris, Moscow, Toronto and Zurich. We’ll be happy to meet up with existing and future business partners there as well as here in Basel, encounter some of the free­lancers whose bylines you encounter in the ITJ, and perhaps meet interested pupils from Switz­erland, France or Germany again, interested in finding out what goes on in a trade journal’s editorial ­office – especially one working in the almost endless world of transport and logistics. Of course you too are welcome to visit us if you’re in the region!


All that remains for me to do is wish you and those closest to you a blessed Christmas and all the best in 2018!




Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight




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