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07.12.2018 By: Marco Wölfli

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Christmas is just around the corner – but many a logistics industry employee has to work very hard in December to earn his Yuletide break. The run up to Christmas always sees parcel service provi­ders handling record consignment volumes and e-traders’ warehouses bursting at the seams.


Peaks such as the Christmas trading season represent a massive challenge for logisticians. They need the corresponding capacities to be able to cope, but for cost reasons naturally cannot build logistics ­centres that will only be used for a few months of the year. There is no patent remedy (yet) to help them bridge this gap.


Basically, however, the logistics industry’s end-of-year rally is a welcome conclusion to the business year, with an extremely positive impact for many a company. It is writ in the stars though to what extent this pace can be maintained at the beginning of next year.


The star of Bethlehem calls the tune now, however, so here’s wishing you a pleasant read and a merry Christmas.



Marco Wölfli




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