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20.01.2023 By: Christian Doepgen

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ITJ 01-04/2023

Dear readers,

I hereby declare war on any quiet frustration arising when looking at the forthcoming – and still long – year 2023! Yes, the problems are many and the difficulties are great – but was it any different at the beginning of 2021? Let’s look ahead and implement an approach that seems to have gone out of fashion – a long-term strategy. It can be more than an attempt to master the challenges of the future; it can also replace the breathless ‘driving by sight’.

A good example of an overarching perspective is offered by Haropa Port’s recent media conference, presenting its 2022 results. Of course, volumes that grew by 2% put everyone in a positive mood.The tri-port alliance handled 3.1 million teu (more than 3 million boxes in a year for the first time), 3% more dry bulk and 5% more liquid bulk cargo than last year.

Investment in the future is far more important, however, with approximately EUR 1.35 billion set aside for 2020–2025. This is where meta-themes come into play, including decarbonisation through a series of LNG refuelling stations along the Seine, and the new Port Seine Métropole Ouest, an inland hub for building materials in the greater Paris area, which is scheduled to commence operations at the end of 2023.

The French concept of continuously optimising the new intermodal corridor from Le Havre to Paris as a basis for the re-industrialisation of Europe could be decisive.

These are approaches that look far beyond the short term.

We can gaze into the crystal ball at the start of the year – or at any other time!

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Christian Doepgen


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