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17.02.2023 By: Andreas Haug

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ITJ 09-10/2023

Dear readers,

No, not “all good comes from above”... Relief supplies after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on 6 February did, of course, but so do bombs and missiles. I learned at first hand what the invasion of Ukraine has meant for a logistics company for the past year. We’ll be publishing our exclusive interview with Dmytro Prosvirin, head of commercial activities at Antonov Airlines, in your next issue of the ITJ.

Joy and sorrow – with other orders of magnitude, of course – shook airfreight operators in one of the two regions featured in this week’s Special regional supplement – Latin America. Billions of cut flowers came from Colombia and Ecuador again this year, to be distributed worldwide with love on 14 February.

Some sloths from Peru, which were supposed to reach Malaysia via Doha in January, were less fortunate. Their plane was surprised by the onset of cold winter weather during a stopover in Liège and three of the nine mammals died of cold.

I hope you get through the winter well!

Andreas Haug
Head of airfreight


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