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14.01.2022 By: Andreas Haug

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ITJ 1-4/2022

Dear readers,


I hope you’ve recovered well since last year – or should I say from last year? Perhaps you were perked up a little by a nice Christmas present – packed in recyclable material of course...


(Most) plastic bags have been banned from German shops since the beginning of this year, by the way. Very light ones, that is to say bags that are less than 15 micrometres thick (for examples those used in weighing fruit and vegetables), are excepted. In 2019 an average German used 44 of these thin plastic bags. This was far fewer than an average Lithuanian (280), Czech (235) or Latvian (213), but far more than a Belgian (7), a Hungarian (20) or an Austrian (29).


In our first Special of the year on pages 15 – 20 you can read all about what Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein have to report from the logistics front. I hope you enjoy it, and all the many more to come in the next twelve months!


Andreas Haug








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