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18.03.2022 By: Andreas Haug

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ITJ 13-14/2022

Dear readers,

The fact that my first long-distance trip of the year took me to exactly the same place as my last trip before the outbreak of Covid-19 is but a quirk of this era. I’ve shared my impressions of the 16th Air Cargo Americas industry meeting held in Miami recently on page 7.

Most of the measures to combat the outbreak of Covid-19 are slowly being abrogated in Europe; the war in Ukraine is what is now causing logisticians to break out in a cold sweat. Their task is to continue to supply urgently-needed goods for the civil population, subject to untold suffering since 24 February in Ukraine, Europe’s second-largest country behind Russia and ahead of France.

Further items on their list of worries include the sudden loss of two large markets, rising fuel prices and longer and thus more expensive links between Europe and the Far East, including for rail and air transport. We address some of these issues on pages 15, 17 and 20 of this issue – and unfortunately this won’t be the last time we’ll have to look into them this year.

Stay on the ball with us!

Andreas Haug, head of airfreight


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